Sad Blooms

Sad Blooms

Jasmine is often carried by brides in their bouquets in Europe, but few know the story behind this tradition. Jasmine was first introduced to Europe in 1699 by the Duke of Tuscany. Wishing to remain the only person who possessed the lovely plant, the Duke ordered that no cuttings be given away.

His gardener, however, was very poor and had a beautiful sweetheart. For her birthday, having no other gift, he picked a sprig of the flowering Jasmine for her to wear. She planted the sprig in fertile Earth and it rooted.

In time, the plant grew large, and she was able to grow others from its cuttings, selling them to wealthy ladies and gentlemen & with the money she & the gardener were able to marry, & lived happily ever after.

In memory of this woman who used a gift of love to make a life of happiness for herself & her sweetheart, the jasmine is carried in bridal bouquets to this very day.


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