Unrefined Shea Butter With Coconut Oil- Unscented

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Pure unrefined shea butter whipped with coconut oil, softer than the regular unrefined shea butter and has less natural odour, unscented

Shea butter is the strongest natural moisturiser available in nature, excellent as a heeling treatment for extra dry skin/ psoriases/eczema. Suitable to be used for the face, body and hair and on kids under two years of age

Does not contain additives or preservatives

زبدة شيا غير مكررة مع زيت جوز الهند، ناعمة وذات قوام كريمي، فيها رائحة زبدة الشيا الطبيعية بشكل خفيف، غير معطرة

تعتبر زبدة الشيا من أقوى مرطبات البشرة الطبيعية، تعتبر علاج لجفاف البشرة الشديد، الأكزيما، الحروق، علامات تمدد البشرة، كعوب الأقدام المتشققة، جفاف الشفائف، ، جفاف الشعر.

زبدة الشيا مناسبة للوجة الجسم والشعر ولجميع أنواع البشرة وللأطفال أيضاً تحت السنتين من العمر. زبدة طبيعية صافية لا تحتوي على مواد مضافة باستثناء كمية غنية من فيتامين إي

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Shea Butter


  1. Eiman

    (verified owner):

    This butter is one of the best. If you are looking for a very high quality Unrefined Shea Butter, then I really do encourage you to get this one. Previously, I bought a yellowish one that the seller told me that it’s good for the eczema. Therefore, I bought it for my nephew to treat his agitated eczema. However, once we used on him the next day we found that his skin has a rash. After I contacted with Hind (the owner) to help me with his eczema, she advised me to use the shea butter in addition to Al Talbeenah soap. I mentioned that we used shea butter for him and he had a rash. So, after explanation she advised me to try this butter. After using it on my nephew’s skin, the Eczema has calmed. As I said in my review of Al Talbeenah Soap the next step we are going to use it on his father.

  2. Shaikha



  3. Shaikha


    احلى زبدة شيا طبيعيه جربتها خففت الحساسيه والجفاف من المفضلات عندي تستاهل شهادة تميز

  4. Mariam


    I loved it, I’ve been using the shea butter for 2 – 3 months now ( scared of the moon) and I wake up the next day and my feet feel really soft and moisturized ! i don’t have to get a pedicure that often.

  5. Nooraalkhatrii


    This was the best shea butter i ever used.

  6. Alia


    ما شاء الله كل منتجاتكم رووووووعه وفوق الممتاز

  7. Noura


    This is one of my favorite products from 202 gardenia Rd ( along with the goats milk soap ❤️ ). Really the only Shea butter that hydrated my skin and treated it. I’ve tried many other natural Shea butters from different brands. But I always come back to this.

  8. Aldana


    My skin (especially my hands) look very scaly due to dryness. This has helped me a lot on a daily basis! Although im very sensitive to scents, the smell of the natural ingredients die down quickly, or can be mixed with something else. Love ❤️

  9. Hoor


    I didn’t think that i will accept the raw shea scent, but after trying it in this form, whipped, smooth and mixed with coconut oil, i got used to it and apply it every single day on my dry patches and it has really improved my skin. Thank you for this amazing product!

  10. Hessa


    Recieved this as a gift with my order, and I surely am impressed. Very light weight and moisturizing for the skin; and a good frizz-tamer for the hair, it also gives a healthy shine. I usually like coconut oil to smell more coconuty, however since it was natural I don’t mind. Thank you <3

  11. Hind


    Amazing shea butter! I love it..

  12. Fatma ahmed


    منتج خيالي ، كل انواع زبدة الشيا ممتازة لترطيب البشرة وما استغنى عنها

  13. Hamda


    واييد حبيت هالمرطب وبعتمده للابد أن شاءالله
    ومناسب للأطفال

  14. Fatima


    The best so far for moisturizing!! Love it

  15. Iman


    Super soft feeling

  16. Firyal


    المنتج فظيع للاكزيما! ما استغنى عنه بصراحة .. يعطيع العافية هند

  17. Amnah


    I can say that this product is a life changer, I have tried many types of shea butter from different brands but I hated the smell and consistency, however, this one is perfect, it’s not too thick and it moisturizes my skin for about 24 hours, I love it and everyone should give it a try!

  18. Nouf

    (verified owner):

    ماما فيها اكزيما في ايدها من اكثر من ١٥ سنه ودايماً تتشكى من ان الاكزيما تخف وترد ترجع، جربت اطلبلها العلبه الصغيره من زبده الشيا قلتلها خذي وجربيها والحممممدلله الحمددلله استوى شي ما تستغنى عنه قمت اطلبلها انواع زبده الشيا بالاحجام الصغيرة لسهولة حملها وصغر حجمها خصوصا انها تحتاج ترطب ايدها طول الوقت ❤️ لان الجفاف يزيد من الحساسية .. شكراً هند على هالمنتج القوي، سبق وكتبت رأيي عن المنتج في انستقرام وكتبته عشان كل حد يستفيد من المنتج والله يبعد عنا وعنكم المرض وكل شر

  19. Amna


    حبيييت زبدة الشيا الغير مكرره بزيت جوز الهند، وصلني هدية مع طلبي ❤️ سويت واكس لمنطقة الشنب او الابر ليب ، و صارتلي اثار منه مثل الحرق و تحرق! ما خفف لي حرقها الا هالزبدة، و من باجر صارت المنطقه ما تحرق بس استوا لونها نفس بيج خفيف ويابس شوي و راح تتقشر مع الايام ❤️❤️ شكرا هند

  20. Mouza

    (verified owner):

    This is honestly one of the best shea butters I’ve ever used. Got this when I first got pregnant, and used it after every shower and throughout the day whenever I needed to moisturize. I love its texture on my skin, it doesn’t leave a greasy film and I love how it deeply moisturizes and seeps into my skin. Glad to say that I made it all the way to 39 weeks with only a small stretch marks on both sides of my waist. I highly recommend it! I even ordered it as giveaways for my baby’s reception, I loved the packaging and the handwritten name, so personal.

  21. Maitha

    (verified owner):

    أحلى كريم ما شاءالله

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