The Twins- Scared of the Moon


An irresistible gift box for your loved ones!

This set includes the following products in travel sizes:

  • Shea butter 30 grams, fragranced in Scared of the Moon
  • Moisturizing body sugar scrub 30 grams, fragranced in Scared of the Moon

Scared of the Moon is one of our signature fragrances, a relaxing combination of lavender, musk, patchouli and vanilla

Customisation: Mention your preferred color of ribbon at the checkout at the (Notes) section, dried lavender can be added on the top of the box with no extra charge, ask us to attach cards handwritten in Arabic Calligraphy (two words maximum), or we can attach your custom cards (provided & printed by the customer).

علبة هدايا صغيرة تحتوي على زبدة شيا مكررة  وسكراب السكر المرطب  معطرين ب(سكاريد أوف ذا مون)، بأحجام صغيرة

عطر سكاريد أوف ذا مون عطر هادىء يتكون من الخزامى المسك الباتشولي والفانيلا

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