Matcha Tea Mask ماسك شاي الماتشا


A deep cleansing mask that contains Japanese matcha tea, which is highly regarded in Japan of it’s antioxidant & anti-inlfmataory properties, and for it’s ability to repair sun-damaged skin, and kaolin clay which a deep skin cleanser; yet super mild at the same time.

Benefits: With regular use the mask will deep cleanse the pores, will eliminate/ reduce blackheads, mild acne, and will clam & prevent skin inflamations

Suitable for all skin types, especially suited for mild acne, extra sensitive skins, skin with inflammations & mature skins.

For the face & the body, avoid the area around the eyes. Extra mild, for best results use 1-2 times weekly (dry skin); 2-3 times (acne prone, oily skin & combination skin)

Directions: Mix with some yogurt/ milk/ rose water (freestyle it as you like!) till it becomes a paste, scrub the paste on your skin then apply a thick layer on as a mask (avoid the eye area), enjoy the tingling sensation till the mask completely dries, then wash with water, once the mask is completely removed wash your face again with soap

Weight 60 grams

In stock

Matcha tea and kaolin clay


  1. Fatme Kaskas

    (verified owner):

    I bought the Match Tea Mask and really from first usage i felt my skin different. It gave a glow and clean look to my face. Its ingredients are natural and this is what i love mostly about 202gardenia.
    I highly recommend it ❤️

  2. Amna

    (verified owner):

    حبييت ماسك الماتشا خصوصا ملمسه ناااعم و حتى وقت ازالته مب متعب مثل الماسكات العادية بالعكس يذووب مع الماي بشكل ممتاز ، غير جيه بشرتي حساسة مو كل شي يوالمها و استفدت منه واايد حبيته

  3. Nouf

    (verified owner):

    I usually don’t trust products that claim to have results from the first use but this miracle mask does!!!!!! It left my face so soft I coun’t stop touching it <3 and the best part is that it is hassle free and you get to mix it with whatever you like based on youe skin needs (it also washes off super fast)

  4. Um Mohammad


    I’m in love with this mask 💚 it makes my skin healthy and glowy ✨
    I definitely recommend it 👍🏻👏🏻

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