Haldi Ceremony (Turmeric) Mask ماسك الكركم


Please note that the recipe and size of this product have changed

A recipe inspired by Ancient Ayurvedic medicine and is used in India by brides at a special ceremony called “Haldi Ceremony”. The mask contains turmeric, sandalwood, chickpea powder & kaolin clay; the combination of ingredients would help get a clear, glowing, acne free skin, worthy of a bride.

Benefits: With regular & continuous use this mask will brighten the skin tone, improve skin texture, clears the skin from acne & inflammations, and will reduce facial and body hair.

Suitable for all skin types, especially suited for acne prone, pigmented skin, highly recommended to use at the early stages of pregnancy to prevent common pregnancy  skin problems from forming; like skin pigmentation. For the face & the body, avoid the area around the eyes. Mild & can be used on daily bases.

Directions: Mix with some yogurt or milk or rose water (freestyle your mask as you wish!) till it becomes a paste, add few drops of honey, scrub the paste on your skin then apply a thick layer on as a mask, enjoy the tingling sensation till the mask completely dries, then wash with water, once the mask is completely removed wash your face again with soap, rub the soap well on your skin.


Weight 60 grams

مستوحى من علم الأيورفيدا الهندي؛ ماسك للحصول على بشره صحيه صافيه وخاليه من الشوائب

الطريقه: أخلطي الكركم مع القليل من الحليب (للبشرة الجافة) أو الزبادي أو ماء الورد (للبشرة الدهنية أو المختلطة) حتي يصبح المزيج غليظ القوام- مثل المعجون، أضيفي بضع قطرات من العسل، افركي به البشرة واتركي طبقه سميكه كماسك، اغسليه عندما ينشف بالصابون

ملاحظه: منتج تجميلي للاستخدام الخارجي فقط

لطيف جداً ومناسب لجميع أنواع البشرة، مناسب للوجه وللجسم

مع الاستخدام المنتظم سيوحد لون البشره ويفتحها لونها ويقلل من حب الشباب، سيعطي البشره مظهراً صحياً

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Turmeric “Haldee”, chickpea flour, sandalwood and kaolin clay


  1. Maryam


    منتج أكثر من روعه.. فعلا من بعد اول استخدام حسيت بنظارة حلوه فالبشره.. ملمس مخملي.. فيها شي يدل على اني مهتمه فيها.. وااايد حبيته.. كان واصلني كهدية مع طلبي السابق.. وبرد اطلب منه زياده.. وايد حبيت ريحت الكركم مع الصندل.. شكر من أعماق القلب..

  2. Hessa

    (verified owner):

    <3 i received it today and used it and OH MY GOD, can we just talk about how glorious this mask is. from the first use i can see some glow and radiance in my skin and it feels so soft. تسلم ايدج يا هند

  3. شيخة الحمادي

    (verified owner):

    Yesterday I got my order, and I used Tumeric Mask! Such as great mask; my akin become very soft like baby skin. Thanks Hind and thanks to your great staff.

  4. Riham


    I dont have word to describe how amazing this powder is.. I literally felt my face is glowing

  5. Hamda Alshehhi


    من بعد اول استخدام تبين البشرة نظيييفة و يعطيها ملمس مخملي ، استخدمتك بعد سكراب القهوة و غسلت الماسك بصابونة الشريرش .. شي خيالي ما توقعت ان في ماسك يخلي الويه جيه منور وجمييل.. شكرا هند ❤️

  6. Hamda Alshehhi


    من بعد اول استخدام تبين البشرة نظيييفة و يعطيها ملمس مخملي ، استخدمته بعد سكراب السكر و غسلت الماسك بصابونة الشريرش .. شي خيالي ما توقعت ان في ماسك يخلي الويه جيه منور وجمييل.. شكرا هند ❤️

  7. Zainab

    (verified owner):

    I received my order yesterday and did what Hend recommended. I scrubbed my face with the coffee lavender scrub then used this turmeric mask and rubbed my face with the jasmine kabayan soap to wash it off. My face feels very soft

  8. Fatimah

    (verified owner):

    Receive it as a gift , I use it today with yogurt after sugar scrub & wash the mask by Kabayan soap then I get soft glowing skin ☺️ for sure I am gonna order soon, Thanks Hind ❤️

  9. Maitha


    I received this product as part of the purple box and have been excited to use it. When I opened the little bag I kind of got hesitant from some reason but I thought I’d give it a chance and booooy oh boy!! First of all this product stings a little (in a very good way) and I swear I could feel it deep into my skin. This was seven hours ago and now I wish I can use it everyday!! My skin is so happy!! It feels so hydrated and smooth! I’m obsessed!!

  10. Fatima Al Mansoori

    (verified owner):

    I received this product about 1.5 months ago and a week cant pass by without me using this magical mask. I was extremely happy with the jar size, because I thought I would receive something smaller in size. I noticed how my skin was glowing after I washed it for the first time and I have been receiving plenty of compliments on my skin and many questions about how my skin is so bright, healthy, and glowing all I can say is all the credits goes to 202 gardenia rd’s turmeric mask. I love how it cleans my face, although it leaves few stains but I wash my face twice with the turmeric camomile bar soap. I highly recommend this product. I am definitely going to repurchase.

  11. Shaikha

    (verified owner):

    I really like this mask, at first My skin got reddish after I removed the mask, but then I discovered that it happens because it’s a deep cleanser. After the 3rd use I started noticing the results. I recommend it!! Thank you so much ♥️

  12. Hessa


    One of the best masks

  13. Hessa


    One of the best masks

  14. Ayesha


    Love this product ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Rahima Al Khoori

    (verified owner):

    جددددداً جميييل ها الماسك !
    أحب أستخدمه لما أحس بشرتيه تعبانه،
    وأستخدمه حتى لجسمي لما أبا تعقيم ونظافة وتوحيد لون ؛
    ومرات عادي أستخدمه كل يوم من كثر ماحبه وأثق فيه نتايجه

  16. Amna

    (verified owner):

    من اروع الماسكات اللي جربتها ، ينقى و يصفى البشرة بسرعة

  17. Maya

    (verified owner):

    This Mask is my favorite ever. Sadly i dont have much time to use it often only once or twice a week. But what it does to my skin is MAGIC. I love using it right after i scrub my face or whenever i feel my face is tired and pale. It gives a clear glow to my skin. Everytime after i use it people around me always tell me that my face glows and looks healthy, bright and prettyyy <3! I like mixing it with yogurt and sometimes rosewater when im out of yogurt. Love this Magic. ❤️ Thank you for making it with LOVE.

  18. Asma

    (verified owner):

    وايد احبه صدق فعال و يبين الفرق و دوم اطلبه لأني وايد استعمله … بس ليش صغر حجم الغرشه؟

    • hend

      (verified owner):

      مرحبا، تقريباً من سنة غيرنا الوصفة ونوع المكونات إلى أنواع أجود وأكثر فعالية، غيرنا أحجام الماسكات بناءً على طلب العديد من الزباين

  19. Afra Belselah

    (verified owner):

    I love this mask! It instantly reduces the redness of my face and makes it softer <3

  20. Fatima


    ماشالله من بعد استخدام اسبوع واحد فقط شفتت الفرق بالنضارة والتفتيح مع استخدام صابون الكابيان منتج بطططل ومن الحماس ابا الكل يجربه

  21. M


    Love this!
    Smoothens and brightens my skin!

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