Kabayan Soap Fragranced with Pomegranate صابون الكبايان معطّر بالرمان


Inspired by the Philippine’s culture!

This Kabayan soap is fragranced with deep smoked pomegranate (a signature fragrance).

Extra mild healing soap, suitable for the face & the body for all skin types, especially formulated for extra sensitive skins, treats mild acne, discoloured skin.

Goat’s milk: moisturising, nurturing & soothing.

Fresh papaya: has powerful exfoliating properties, it regenerates skin cells exposing with time a brighter skin with a unified tone, lesser acne.

Turmeric: brightens the skin, improves skin texture, clears and disinfects the pores.

Natural Clay & sea salt: detoxifies and deeply cleanses the skin from product build up.

Weight around 110/120 grams

مستوحى من ثقافة الفلبين! صابون الكبايان ومعناته بالفلبيني ولد بلادي مناسب للوجه والجسم ولجميع أنواع البشرة، خاصه لعلاج حب الشباب الخفيف والبقع

، مصنوع من البابايا الطازجه والمعروفه والمفضله في الفلبين باستخدامها في منتجات العنايه بالبشره لفعاليتها العاليه على تجديد الخلايا تقشير البشره وتفتيح البشره بشكل طبيعي. تحتوي الصابونه على أفضل المكونات المجوده في الطبيعه والمعروفه بتفتيح البشره و تحسين ملمس ونوعيه البشره، منها الكركم طين البحر الميت، أملاح الهيملايا، وحليب الماعز الطازج وزيت الزيتون والعسل لترطيب البشره وعلاجها

صابون الكبايان لهذا الشهر معطّر بالرمان،من أكثر عطورنا رواجاً

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Olive oil, goat’s milk, coconut milk, fresh papaya, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, turmeric, sea salt, rose water, natural colors and perfume


  1. Shaikha Al Hammadi

    (verified owner):

    صابون الكبايان المميز وتأثيره في قترة قصيرة لاحظتها، انا اعاني من حب الشباب، استعمل صابون وزيت النيم واليوم الي عقبه استخدم الكبايان والنتيجة رائعة وصارت بشرتي أفضل بوايد عن قبل خاصة على البقع الي تتسبب عقب ماتروح الحبة الي تظهر ع الويه او الجسم، أنصح كل من تعاني من حب الشباب تاخذه لأنه استخدامه بانتظام نتيجة روووعة، بارك الله في تجارتج هند

  2. Dima

    (verified owner):

    Dear Hind and 202 Gardenia Rd. Team,
    I just want to drop a Thank you Note.
    I bought Kabayan Best friend from 202 Gardenia Rd and its amazing. My face is getting better, everyone is noticing the difference (I had some pimples and its disappearing).

    Thank you again for your efforts and amazing job.

  3. Iman

    (verified owner):

    This is really good pretty soap, the smell and moisturizes are surely convenient for all kind of skins.

  4. Muna


    ثاني أفضل صابون استخدمته بعد النيم
    بعد له دور فتوحيد لون بشرتي، وحل مشاكلها وخصوصاً حب الشباب وآثارها
    الكل لاحظ التغيير ف بشرتي وقت ما استخدمته
    شكراً لج هند من القلب شكراً

  5. منى

    (verified owner):

    I’ve always had an issue with dry skin ,, and I’ve been using this soap religiously for the past two weeks, my face feels softer and healthier.

    Bless you Hend <3

  6. Noura

    (verified owner):

    Hi happiness fairy … well i like to call you that because you have changed my life 180°.. i am not at all exaggerating!… all my frinds and family have to comment on my skin! … i hear comments like, “your face looks brighter and it feels fresh and moisturized!”…. believe it or not makeup have never look soooo perfect on me before! .. it makes me so happy when ppl compliment my skin cause it’s definitely not perfect but my skin used to be sooooo bad and tired…. i am in love with all your products especially the Kabayan & stinky soap…. oh! Did i mention my hair… i apply some of your magical chea butter on my hair…. and it creates magic!!!!!!…… Hind I can’t tell you how proud am i of you. .. You go girl!.. don’t u dare think of quitting…. i will hunt you!… lol on a serious note…. can’t really image my bathroom without your products… ill just quite bathing!

  7. Ameera

    (verified owner):

    This soap honestly does wonders. I’ve been using it for a month with my skin routine and I noticed that my face is much clearer than before, the skin discoloration is fading, and my face becomes so smooth after every use. I love it!

  8. Hamda

    (verified owner):

    متى رح توفرينه هند ؟

  9. Mariam

    (verified owner):

    Oh this soap *-* i mean…..
    One of the best soaps i used in my entire life! I used it when i was pregnant instead of the stinky soap.. It helped unifying my skin tone and brighting it.. It helped reducing the redness in my face and cleared my acne.. I love it so much cant go a day without it!

  10. Hamda

    (verified owner):

    I need this soap so bad 🙁

  11. Uzma

    (verified owner):

    When will you restock this soap ? I need it in my life

  12. Hamda


    This magical soap literally fixed my life .. I mean my skin .. I suffered from acne and skin dicoloration .. I’ve noticed a big difference in my skin within a week .. THANK YOU HEND❤️

  13. N.R

    (verified owner):

    السلام عليكم
    عزيزتي شكرًا جزيلاعلى المنتجات الجميلة و بارك الله فيج … كم هي عدد المرات المناسبه في اليوم لاستخدام الصابون حتى نصل لنتيجه مرضيه ؟

  14. Aysha

    (verified owner):

    I had dry patches around my cheeks.. only one week of using this soap and it all disappeared!!
    Thank you hend, please dont stop making the kabayan soap :’D

  15. Maryam naqi

    (verified owner):

    I cant thank you enough for this soap it effect in reducing pimples, scars and pores are very noticable. Oh and the smell

  16. Fatema

    (verified owner):

    Dear Hind
    Currently i am using this soap and it is great and best cleaning soap.
    I am looking for something for my oily skin as i want to minimize my pores and blackheads, what you recommend for me to use from your amazing products?
    Thanks a lot

  17. Hind

    (verified owner):

    This is really an excellent soup! And the scents is amazing, i love it!

  18. Fatema

    (verified owner):

    Thank you for making such a wonderful soap

  19. Nauf

    (verified owner):

    I love using it for on my face. It’s non-drying and smells divine

  20. REEM


    I got excited reading all the reviews.. do let us know when you will release this product again. i suffer from pimples. I would live to try it out.

    Goodluck with ur work hend!

  21. فاطمة

    (verified owner):

    أفضل صابون جربته يزيل بقع البهاق البسيطة على الجسم

  22. Ayesha

    (verified owner):

    متى بتوفرووونه 😭 I love it ♥️

  23. Amna

    (verified owner):

    When will it be restocked

    • hend

      (verified owner):

      We will contact you as soon as it is restocked

  24. Amna

    (verified owner):

    جدا جدا لطيف عالبشره وريحته جميله بعد ، عندي منه كميه 😂

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