Charcoal Mask ماسك الفحم


A deep cleansing mask that contains Charcoal which can withdraw 200 times it's weight of skin impurities like a magnet, Ghassoul clay which is highly regarded for it's quality, purity and high percentage of silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium, it's been used effectively for thousands of years in northern Africa.

Benefits: With regular use the mask will deep cleanse the pores, will eliminate/ reduce blackheads, acne and will prevent them from forming.

Suitable for all skin types, especially suited for acne prone skin. For the face & the body except around the eyes. Mild, for best results use 1-2 times weekly (dry skin); 2-3 times (acne prone, oily skin & combination skin)

Directions: Mix with some yogurt or milk or rose water (freestyle it as you like!) till it becomes a paste, scrub the paste on your skin then apply a thick layer on as a mask (avoid the eye area), enjoy the tingling sensation till the mask completely dries, then wash with water, once the mask is completely removed wash your face again with soap

Weight 60 grams

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Ghassoul clay and natural charcoal


  1. Shahd Thani

    (verified owner):

    I’ve been using this mask for a few months. I tried different mixes just to see what suits me best.. so far, been adding a tiny tea spoon of aloe vera then following it up with shea butter. I’m in love

  2. Uzma KHAWAJAH

    (verified owner):

    Best charcoal mask I’ve used , my skin felt like I just had a facial so clean and glowy , helped me with the congested pores as well , got my sisters hooked on it too .thank you

  3. Sara yousuf


    Best mask for skin ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Hamda


    من أفضل الماسكات عندي ولاحظت تحسن كبير في بشرتيه من بديت استخدمه .. شكراً لج هند

  5. Salama Al Marzooqi

    (verified owner):

    I used it two times, so good, you feel as the mask dry on your face it get out with it all what inthe pores , follow the charcoal soap ,, amazing

  6. Sara yousuf


    Tried a couple of differen charcoal masks , but this one is really impressive … cleaned the pores … recomended with the soap

  7. شيخه الحمادي

    (verified owner):

    الماسك وصلني البارحة، النتيجة من اول استخدام تقليل من تصبغات وصفاء البشرة .. الماسك ممتاز جدا

  8. Maryam


    Could u mention the expire day for each product ??

    • hend

      (verified owner):

      Hello! it’s written on the product card

  9. Mariam

    (verified owner):

    هالماسك ممتاز! من بعد أول استخدام حسيت بشرتي مشدوده جدا وبعد كم استخدام حسيت المسام صارن أصغر! مشكله اعاني منها من فتره طويله..

  10. Amna

    (verified owner):

    وايد احب استخدمه ينظف وما يهيج البشره وتحسين بفرق عقب الماسك

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