A Message To Young Women

me in uniform, 15

Dear ladies,

For many years, shopping was a big part of my life & it used to occupy a big slot of my time , such a picky shopper with a difficult taste, I wanted to look my best at every event I attended, wanted to be the belle of the ball, be admired & approved by people who did not really matter to me, people who judge others based on their exterior shell, which I hated & found shallow, yet I cared so much what they thought, how hypocritical of me! maybe cause they are the majority, or maybe cause like all girls I liked the feeling of being admired & wanted to feel pretty.

Admirations was a boost! Made me feel so happy & beautiful, bummer the feeling only lasted only for a day max/ as long as the event lasted, wished it lasted for longer, then I’m back to the malls searching for more outfits to impress other people at other events, it was like a constant competition, finding the perfect outfit that will make me the most admired female at the event, cause I was hocked on the feeling of being admired & get temp approvals on matters of no meaning, matters that do not & shouldn’t define who I’m.

And while searching, I found an outfit to beautify myself rather from the inside this time & BINGO! I find the magical outfit of a lifetime & I win! this outfit I found gave me value, meaning, content, self worth, confidence, the admiration & the approval of many more people, people of real value & worth, & made me pretty in their eyes for a way longer time, 4 years so far & still counting.

It costed me AED65, its the outfit at the pic.

Dear ladies, find ur magical outfit of everlasting happiness!


5 thoughts on “A Message To Young Women

  1. Lovely words, enjoyed reading it with a smile on my face that became bigger at the end of it 🙂
    we are very proud of u love Ur pure heart Hend
    God Bless U

  2. Hi Hend

    I’ve been following you in Instagram for a while, i tried many of your products and even reordered some of them, great material and packaging and great customer service.

    But that’s just my feedback as a customer, as a young lady i admired this post. I have a Bachelor degree, a job and a car, and am so thankful, but this feeling is not letting me go, the desire of having my own thing!

    I still haven’t figured out what i want to do, but one thing i know for sure is that i want to work for myself for the rest of my life, and you inspire me in many ways.

    thank you for your amazing product line and for inspiring many young ladies like me,

    I wish you all the best,

  3. Dear Hend,

    You spoke to my sole, your words really define and state my current thoughts. I have been struggling between the voice of logic and my surrounding but now I sensed the power between your lines> I raise the hat to you for such positive change, and wish you a happy and prosperous life.

    Aysha Al Qubaisi

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