You are beautiful


This is for the girls that were told they were ugly when they were little girls, the girls that were told they r not pretty enough to be someone or succeed, who were told they were too skinny or too dark or were called names, the girls that cried themselves to sleep most nights, or stayed up thinking how they can be good enough for their parents, be noticed & loved.. The girls who hid their tears and sadness under smiles and laughter.. Girls who dreamt of this one day where they will be appreciated for whom they are and what they are.. and to be looked at in admiration by the people they care about the most in the world.. Who were told when they were little they can never be a princess cause they r not cute enough..

Girls who were always 2nd best, who were in their sister/ brother’s shadow.. It’s not your fault that they are too blind they cannot see your beauty.. Cause you are beautiful.. And very beautiful.. Use this to motivate yourself to be the best version u can ever be .. And one day; all of your dreams will come true, & the whole world will notice your beauty & will appreciate u pinkheart


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