To All The Single Ladies

Single Ladies

To me women fall in two categories, some r like the moon, and some r like the sun, the ones like the moon, are delicate, romantic, soft, they need to be taken care of and cared for, and thats where their beauty lays.. In their need for someone.. They need their men’s light to cast on them in order for them to illuminate, to be happy and for people to see their beauty.. Alone, they are not as bright to be seen and be appreciated.. The other type of women r strong, and their strength and fire makes them shine from within and makes them shine very bright, just like the sun.. They don’t need no man to cast a light on them to make them look beautiful and complete, or to make them happy, they r strong enough, happy and content to be what they are and who they are, with no other person to shape them and define them..

To all the single ladies out there, the ones who haven’t met their other half yet, who haven’t met the person who would appreciate them the way they r and let them shine, to all the ladies who did not want to settle for less, who believe they deserve better, who did not want anyone to form them and change them, who believe in their selves, their beauty and their strength, and that they can make it on their own, on their own way, I salut u.. ❤️

U probably weren’t destined to find ur other half cause ur a whole on ur own, u do not need someone to make u complete cause u already are complete, beautiful and perfect the way u r, u shine brighter alone and God knows that u can handle it and that u r more beautiful this way


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