Scared of The Moon


Extra mild coconut milk soap made for all skin types, suitable for the face and the body.

The fresh coconut milk is moisturizing and soothing for extra dry skin and skin suffering from irritations like eczema and flaky skin.

This artisan soap is my soap translation of Michael Jackson’s song (Scared of the moon) calming, comforting & filled with love, perfect for a long relaxing bath before bed. The fragrance main notes: musk, vanilla, lavender & patchouli.

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صابون حليب جوز الهند معطر بالخزامى المسك الفانيليا والباتشولي، لطيف جداً ومناسب للوجه والجسم لجميع أنواع البشره

صابون علاجي مكون من زيت الزيتون ، زيت الخروع، زيت جوز الهند، الطين الطبيعي ، عسل السدر، أملاح البحر ومكونات أخرى علاجيه

العطر حالم وهاديء مناسب لحمام استرخاء قبل النوم

يباع  كتوزيعات للمناسبات أيضاً

Weight 110 grams

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Goat’s milk, coconut milk, olive oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, corn oil, natural clays, sea salt, titanium dioxide​​, oatmeal, perfume

Alone she lays waiting
Surrounded by gloom
Invaded by shadows
Painting to the light from the window
Cuts through the air
And pins the child lying there
Scared of the moon

She pulls up the covers
And shivers in fright
She hides from the color
That rides on the night
The light through the window
That lights up the sky
And causes her mournful cry
Scared of the moon

There’s nothing wrong
Don’t be bothered they said
It’s just childish fantasies turning your head
No need to worry
It’s really too soon
But there she lies shivering
Scared of the moon

The years go by swiftly
And soon childhood ends
But life is still fearful
When evening descends
The fear of a child
Still intrudes the night
Returning on beams of light
Scared of the moon

The feeling of terror
She felt as a youth
Has turned from a fantasy
Into the truth
The moon is the enemy
Twisting her soul
And taking its fearful toll
Scared of the moon

But now there are others who sit in a room
And wait for the sunlight to brighten their gloom
Together they gather
Their lunacy shade
But knowing just why they’re scared
Scared of the moon


  1. Muna


    وايد حبيت الصابون وريحته عالم ثاني
    ولدي قبل النوم لازم ياخذ شاور ع قولته ” صابون أزرق ” وأنا عن نفسي بعد أسوي نفس الشي
    يبعث في النفس الاسترخاء بشكل تلقائي
    حتى لون بشرتي بعد استخدامه تغيرت، وتوحدت

  2. Maryam

    (verified owner):

    أنا بعد وأيد حبيتهم .. خلاص قررت اسويلهم دعايه

  3. Mariam

    (verified owner):

    I recently ordered the scared of the moon soap… and I am HOOKED! I have never look forward to my showers this much.. the soap might as well be the reason why I shower. Not only did it help with my dry patches, it leaves my body moisturised. I once switched to another (v. expensive) brand-name soap… just to see the difference.. my body was very very dry with visible lines. So, safe to say, I am never using something other than your natural soaps.

  4. fatima

    (verified owner):

    وصلني الصابون كهديه ما فكرت الصابون بيساهم في علاج مشكله آعاني منها من سنوات
    كنت أعاني من مشكله جلديه زرت العديد من الأطباء ولكن من دون فائده
    هالصابون ساهم في علاج الجفاف والاكزيما اللي أعاني منها في أصابع اليدين

    جميله هي منتجاتكم بجمال روحكم

  5. T

    (verified owner):

    When you will get this soap back ?

    • hend

      (verified owner):

      Its back in stock now 🙂

  6. Fawzia

    (verified owner):

    I am 39 wks pregnant never thought that this soap with put an end to my sleepless nights. It is so relaxing that i packed it for my maternity hospital bag. Sure i would need it after labour.

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