Yogurt & Neroli Soap صابون الروب و زهر البرتقال

AED50.00 AED30.00

Extra mild soap made from the finest natural ingredients, suitable for the face & the body for all skin types, especially formulated for extra sensitive skins.

A limited artisan soap available till quantities last

Weight around 110/120 grams

صابون الروب/الزبادي معطر بزهر البرتقال، مناسب لجميع أنواع البشره وخاصه البشرات شديده الحساسيه، للوجه والجسم

إصدار محدود


In stock

O extra virgin olive oil, yogurt, coconut milk, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, corn oil, shea butter, castor oil, sea salt, rose water, honey, natural colours, natural clays, perfume


  1. Shahd

    (verified owner):

    The scent is magical. I can’t get enough. Shame its a limited edition.

    • hend

      (verified owner):

      I love it so much too, I will make more of it 🙂

  2. Maryam

    (verified owner):

    Dear Hend,

    This smells like heaven, we have a tree in our home which smells similar and when the flowers bloom it takes me way to a magical world ! can not thank you enough for this product.

  3. Hoor

    (verified owner):

    Dearest Hend, I don’t really enjoy citrus scents, but the combination of Neroli and soap reminds me of arabic sweets that we enjoy in Ramadan that contains “ماي الزهر”! It’s moisturising, softening and lovely. Thank you for creating such a beautiful scent <3

    • hend

      (verified owner):

      hello! “neroli” is not a citrus scent, neroli is the essential oil extracted from the orange flower, and it reminds you of arabic desserts because they use the orange blossom/ orange flower water in them 🙂

  4. Amrin


    Okay so I tried this soap as my friend gifted it to me since I LOVE natural products and trust me when I say this it’s amazing! Just the perfect bar of soap for anyone to feel like home.
    Hend..You go girl! ❤️

  5. Hind


    I can’t get enough of the scents, it is amazing..

  6. Niveen

    (verified owner):

    hello Hind,
    i am trying to avoid any chemicals in my personal products, i noticed you have perfume in almost all the soap bars ingredients , may i ask you to please confirm what you mean by perfume (chemical or essential oil)? i received as a gift the moon collection and it is without a doubt not essential oil, that is why i am not using it to avoid chemicals, but i love the rest of the soap bars and need you to confirm which ones you use essential oils for perfumes so i buy more of. thank you 🙂

    • hend

      (verified owner):

      Hello Niveen, all of our perfumes are made of essential oils and ingredients that comes from natural origins, we don’t use perfumes made from synthetic or chemical components, if it makes you more comfortable you can use the unscented products, you can find them at the (unscented) page at our menu.

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