Al Talbeenah Soap صابون التلبينة النبوية


The mildest most comforting soap you will ever find! The soap equivalent of a hug, a signature soap thats a favorite among our customers suffering from eczema, psoriasis and very dry skin.

The recipe is inspired by Prophetic Medicine, “Al Talbeenah” is a pudding made using comforting oats, warm milk and honey, its suppose to heal the soul and comfort the heart.

Available in three fragrances, choose the one you would like from the drop-down menu;

The original: fragranced with oatmeal, milk and hone, Vetiver/ Forests: a green crisp fresh scent, Mahogany: a woody fragrance, with touch of sweetness


صابون مناسب لجميع أنواع البشرة للوجة والجسم،  صابون التلبينه النبويه مصنوع خصيصاً لأصحاب البشرات الشديدة الحساسيه وللتخفيف من أعراض الأكزيما و البشره الجافه

مجمة لفؤاد المريض، تذهب ببعض الحزن”  قال صلى الله عليه وسلم”

، مستوحى من وصفه التلبينه النبويه، مصنوع من الشوفان حليب الماعز، العسل ، و زيت الزيتون والطين الطبيعي زيت الخروع زيت جوز الهند، أملاح الهيمالايا

Weight: 120grams

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Coconut milk, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, corn oil, natural clays, charcoal, turmeric, sea salt, perfume

Scrub your skin well with the lather as you use, for the skin to get all the benefits.


  1. ALIA

    (verified owner):

    It is an extra gentle delicate, and it smells great! I like using it after my weekly scrub to sustain the moisture & softness of my skin.

  2. Shamsa

    (verified owner):

    i love how it never dries the skin after using it, and the smell of it. it is really good for my kids who have eczema. its the only soap i use for them now.

  3. Abrar

    (verified owner):

    I can’t describe what this magical soap did to my facial skin! I have been suffering of oily T-Zone for years and nothing worked like this. I use it at night before going to bed, and can easily put my makeup next morning with a light moisturizer, and no oily T-Zone till end of the day!. Can I say it helped tighten my pores as well?? I am not sure if this soap is made to do such things to the skin, but honestly it helped me a lot. I have a glowing face now. And the smell is AMAZING. Love it.

  4. Maryam

    (verified owner):

    Love this soap, makes the skin so smooth and smells wonderful , perfect for sensitive skin . So far one of my favourite products. Will surely order more

  5. Iman

    (verified owner):

    حبيتها وايد، ورديت اطلب منها زياده مع اني احب التنويع كل مره، بس التلبينة صابونه اساسيه بالنسبه لي حاليا ، ترطيبها وريحتها خبال، وتخلي البشره ناعمه 🙂

  6. meral

    (verified owner):

    beautiful soap I love the smell its really amazing and makes my skin so clean and soft. cant wait to try out the rest of the collection ive bought.i truly wish that u can make lotions with these beautiful scents that would really be great. thank u very much hend

  7. hanadi

    (verified owner):

    صارت وايد مهمه عندي هالصابونه … حتى لو استخدم اي صابون لازم بعدها استخدم صابونه التلبينه النبويه.. ريحتها مميزه و هاديه .. و نعومه الجسم من بعدها و لا اورع .. اهنيج يا هند يا بنت بلادي على التميز .. يعطيج العافيه

  8. سمية

    (verified owner):

    بتردين تنزلينها؟

    • hend

      (verified owner):

      Yes, it’s a classic and will be restocked in ten days

  9. Eman

    (verified owner):

    It is definitely worth using this soap especially if you suffer from eczema. Very mild, smells great and it doesn’t dry out your skin.

  10. Hoor

    (verified owner):

    I have ordered “Al Talbeenah Soap with Charcoal” in the midst of winter, when nothing worked to moisturize my dry flaky skin. I have tried mild scrubs, facial oils, gentle facial cleansers, and nothing helped. When i received the package, i actually didn’t have high hopes since nothing helped me before. So i tried it at night and didn’t add any moisturizer to my night time routine since i wanted to see the result in the morning. When i woke up, my face was not dry at all! So i started using it in the AM as well, and i don’t think that i will ever change my cleanser. Thanks for helping me get rid of the dry flakes Hend, and i wish you all the best!

  11. haleema

    (verified owner):

    صراحة حبيت فكرة اني اعرف مكونات الصابون قبل ما اشتريه وتشجعت اكثر لما شفت مكونات هذي الصابونة خاصة اني من الناس الي تعاني من الجفاف والحساسية والاكزيما منذ الولادة خاصة وقت الشتاء وتغيير الجو. طلبت من الموقع من فتر بسيطة كذا صابونة على اساس اجرب واشوف النتيجة بديت بهذي الصابونة وصارلي حوالي 3 اسابيع استخدم هها لكن ماتخيلت اني اشوف النتيجة بهذي السرعة الحمدلله وايد حسنت الجفاف الي اعاني منه خاصة مع الجو البارد في ايامنا هذي واحساس ما ينوصف انج بعد الشاور تحسين ببشرتج مرطبة من الزيوت الي في الصابونة خاصة اني اعاني من حكة من كثر الجفاف الي عندي رغم كريمات الترطيب والعلاج. ان شاء الله اكون زبونة دايمة معاكم

  12. Sara

    (verified owner):

    I love this soap ,its so good, I have very dry skin and it helped me so much, I even use it for my kids shower .
    My father loved it as well xoxo

  13. Wadimah

    (verified owner):

    This is the first soap I started using from Hend and 202gardeniard. I don’t have eczema , thanks to Allah, but I chose Talbeenah as the SAFEST FIRST choice as it includes ingredients I’m very familiar with, I make my face masks using some of them. I started with my face for sometime and then moved to the Kabayan soap (my review is there). So now I’m using Talbeenah for my body only. My method is to cut the soap into smaller pieces, so that I prevent any bacteria and to properly use it. The story is, I was worried about how clean my body will be and how it will react to the soap, so I kept using two soaps for my body… I know I knnnow too weird…. My skin became so dry that when I stretched I felt my skin is cracking and cutting itself, literally! Even though I moisturize my body and it is always fine. I don’t know how to describe the feeling. So I stopped the Talbeenah, and did my research about the cleanliness of the natural soaps, I was worried how much do natural soaps clean our bodies, that’s why I used two soaps, for extra cleaning (yup that crazy). I did my homework and said well let’s try now, just the Talbeenah with no other soaps at all. It took few days for my body to restore good, balanced moisture again, but I got there (; I’m feeling so happy with the Talbeenah. Proper cleanliness, moisture, natural ingredients, lovely smell of oats, all of the good stuff! It’s definitely a good choice for dry skin. The smell doesn’t stick to your body after the shower, but I honestly don’t mind that, you can use other things for it. Overall: I RECOMMEND!!!

  14. Sumayya

    (verified owner):

    ما بقول إنها من أفضل الصوابين، لا! بل هي الأفضل بدون منازع❤️
    بشرتي مختلطة وحساسة بنفس الوقت، جربت غسولات أنواع وأشكال، الرخيصة والغالية، بس مافي شي فاد بشرتي كثر هالصابونة
    بداية استعمالي أول يومين طلعت لي حبوب صغيرة تحت الجلد بس هالشي طبيعي كمنتج يديد على بشرتي وثالث يوم اختفت الحبوب، و خفت الحبوب اللي كانت موجودة من قبل بعد

  15. Shaikha

    (verified owner):

    Thanks from the heart. This soap healed my 5 year old son eczema after along suffer. All medical soaps and washing gels was not useful. Just after two days of using this soap his skin became so soft and all the dryness just disappeared!! I knew your soaps along time ago but never thought of using it to my son. I only used to indulge my self

  16. Fawzia

    (verified owner):

    I love this soap sooo much that i want chew it so gentle and the smell OHH.. Killer. The rose smell is good but i prefer it in the old color and smell.

  17. Eiman

    (verified owner):

    I truly love this soap. I have ordered this soap after I consulting the owner about the nephew Eczema condition. She was so helpful. She really did explain for me and my sister about the reason that made the eczema agitated in general. There are several reasons that makes the eczema agitates but there are usually general ones. So she did explain without residing to her products. Also she did answer to our questions. I really do love dedicated people they don’t care about themselves as much other people. Anyway, Let me continue this review about the soap. The soap is so gentle to the skin. Even for children skins. My nephew is 2 and half years old with eczema and we are using this soap for him. His eczema has really calmed now. Previously he wouldn’t like to have baths. But now its a hole different story. Taking bath became one of his favorites activities. Even his sleep has changed. Previously, he would wakeup during the night crying feeling uncomfortable and itchy because of his agitated eczema. Now he sleeps soundly. The next step now is to start using these product for his father since he also has agitated eczema. Surely going to buy this soap again.

  18. Fatima Al Kaabi

    (verified owner):

    حبيت هالصابونة على بشرة طفلي ، بشرته جافه وعنده أكزيما في ريوله. من بديت استخدمها خففت الجفاف والأكزيما وأقدر أقول أنها ساعدت الكريمات في ترطيب جسمه أكثر … لأنه قبل مهما رطبت جسمه ما أشوف نتيجه بس مع الصابونه حسيت نتايج مبهره ❤️ شكرًا هند

  19. Amal Omar

    (verified owner):

    Do you plan to restock the soap?! It’s one of the must have in my bath list…

    • hend

      (verified owner):

      Yes of course! This soap is a classci and one of our best sellers

  20. Hend


    I hope my words can explain how happy I am
    You knew me for quite some time now!! And I told you about my difficult sensitive, eczema problems !! I hope you remember me lol I mean I am a huge fan of your products .. the love grew in me .. the talbeenah soap healed my skin you have no idea what happens when I can actually feel the heat coming out of my poor red itchy face !! It’s the only soap that feels like ice, cools and soothes my skin, it really does !!!!!
    And I can’t stop using it. Not only on my face !! Nope i use it on my body too
    God bless you sweetie

  21. Amjad

    (verified owner):

    I grew up having a really bad eczema, i tried almost every medical soap out there i won’t lie sometimes it does heal it and make it disappear but the ” itchi-ness ” Won’t go which made it even worse!

    – THIS SOAP didn’t do that for me! It’s so gentle on the skin, it healed my eczema and as far as i remember this has been the longest time i haven’t had any eczema problems spically in winter! الحمدلله ❤️

    I highly reccomend this soap with the shea butter work like magic!

  22. Najla Al Owais


    I have been using this soap since 2015 and it is an absolute must in my daily routine. I have rosacia, so I need to be careful about my products – not only has the Altabeenah soap been gentle on my skin, but the lingering smell of the soap and its softnes never fail to give me a dose of positivity.

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