Charcoal Soap


Great for healing & detoxifying the skin

Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types, but specifically great for acne prone skin.

Rich in detoxifying and skin healing ingredients:

Turmeric: polishes the skin, soothes inflammations, purifies the pores reducing acne, improves the skin texture, reduces facial hair and brightens the skin tone

Coconut milk: moisturizes and soothes extra dry and flaky skin.

Charcoal: Detoxifies the skin from impurities, a deep cleanser, charcoal pulls dirt from the skin 200 times it’s weight.

Himalayan Sea Salt: Detoxifies the skin, cleanses the pores & provides the skin with minerals

Lightly scented with pomegranate, and highly recommended to be used as a facial soap.

110 grams

In stock

Coconut milk, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, corn oil, natural clays, charcoal, turmeric, sea salt, perfume

Scrub your skin well with the lather as you use, for the skin to get all the benefits.


  1. Mariam

    (verified owner):

    This soap made my skin incredibly soft… I love it!!
    I I’ll order it again for sure.
    بصراحة طلبت كل الأنواع لاني حابه اجرب، وهذي ثاني صابونة اجربها.
    في البداية استخدمت صابونة الجلسرين بالزعفران، وعيبتني ريحتها واتوقعت انها بتكون الصابونه المفضلة عندي.
    بس بعدين جربت هذي الصابونة الجميلة.. وما اقدر اوصف مدى سعادتي فيها
    متحمسة اجرب باقي الأنواع

  2. shaikha

    (verified owner):

    Amazing Soap. I remove my makeup just with it , no need for any chemical wipes to remove the makeup. my skin face just amazing alhamdulleh.

    Thanks You Hend

  3. Layla AlHajeri

    (verified owner):

    I absolutely love this soap! I’ve purchased many soaps from 202GardeniaRd and this one is by far my favorite! Love the smell and results are fab
    Can’t wait to order more of these !

  4. Shaikha Al Hammadi

    (verified owner):

    تأثيره سريع من أول استخدام يشد البشرة وينعمه ويقللل من الحبوب الي تبرز ع الويه عن استخدام شخصي، استخدمه يومين كل اسبوع ، والنتيجة فعالة 100%

  5. Amna

    (verified owner):

    This soap is just wonderful! I use it for my face and the results are amazing!! I tried all kinds of soap for my sensitive skin but this is by far the best!! I totally recommend this soap!! Thank you Hend!!

  6. Wadimah


    Hey Hend! Will you restock this soap any time soon? Please 🙁

  7. Farah


    When will this soap be back in stock? I really wanna try it

  8. Uzma KHAWAJAH

    (verified owner):

    Best soap for acne prone skin and clogged skin , leaves my skin so calm and soft , doesn’t aggrivate the spots . I like to use the charcoal mask after to get that “I’ve just got a facial effect ” love love love this soap .thank you

  9. Fatme Kaskas

    (verified owner):

    Magic is a small word! This soap really made my face clean, clear and fresh. I use it twice daily and it helped to get rid of my acne due to oily skin type.
    I really recommend it.
    Thanks Hind xox

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