Emerald city


I grew up with the love for reading & listening to stories, my dad would tell me a story every night before I go to bed, it was my fav time of the day, spent with my favorite person in the whole world, he would repeat the same stories over & over or invent new ones with the same characters!

There would always be a wolf in the story! One of the repeated stories was Red Riding Hood & the Wolf, while my fav to read was Emerald City, didn’t have much friends when I was little cause I lived at a broken home, so the magical world of Disney inspired me! Kept me in hope that one day when I grow up I will have a happy ending, I will slide over the rainbow & have my own secret garden.. many years later, u can c the effect of these stories I grew up with, I bought a Siberian Blue dog, I have a thing for glittery shoes, specially red ones, & keep dressing as if I came out of a Disney story.. Hoping that one day, when I will click my heels (I do it when no one is watching!) I will go back home wherever that is.. Where people are happy, honest, simple, trust worthy & loving.. But it didn’t happen yet.. I will keep buying hoods and keep clicking my heels daddy, cause this is what u promised me when I was little.. & I won’t give up.. & one day I will find my Emerald City..pinkheart


2 thoughts on “Emerald city

  1. Hend.. this blog gave me goosies and chills all over my body. Each one of us can relate to you in this and i guess we all have our happily ever after in our dreams waiting for it to happen. I always tell you you are an inspiration to all of us. May Allah bless you and keep you away from harm. Will keep wiating for your blogs and dont every stop.

  2. Hend.. The small little you who showed up when you wrote those beautiful words by your magical fingers, were spinning in my head since yesterday.. it touched my soul and my heart.

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